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Chapter Three
Second Chance For the Left Behind

Pre-Trib says when Jesus comes to take His people to Heaven, the, "Left Behind" people on Earth will have a Second Chance to Get Saved. In other words, they'll have 7 years to change from unjust and filthy people, to Believers. But Jesus told John to warn us that just before He, "Comes Quickly," He will declare from Heaven, "He that is UNJUST, let him be unjust still...he that is FILTHY, let him be filthy still" (Rev. 22:11). Jesus used the term, "Behold I Come Quickly," to let us know He was referring to the very next time He returns. If Jesus makes this declaration just before He comes to take His people to Heaven, there CANNOT be a 2nd chance for unjust and filthy people to change and get saved. As you probably know, Pastor, Pre-Tribbers debate among themselves as to how to answer this question. Some say every person that is "Left Behind" will have a chance to accept Jesus as Savior, while others say that those who have already had their chance for salvation and turned it down are forever lost, and ONLY those who've NOT had opportunity to be Saved will have this second chance. This is a deeply debated question, but, there's another portion of Rapture Promoters that actually say some of the people here on earth now could have a Third opportunity to get saved, and this opportunity would continue for another 1000 years. Let's save this for our next "Pondered Question." For now let's look a little closer at the Second Chance.

"Let Him That is Filthy Be Filthy Still"
We have a choice. Do we believe that, just before Jesus returns to take His people to Heaven, He will proclaim, "He that is unjust, let him be unjust still; and he that is filthy, let him be filthy still" (Rev.22:11)? Jesus said He would, so we must Ponder a Question.  Will there be those alive here on earth that have opportunity to change after Jesus takes His people to Heaven? We must also consider that Jesus said, "Behold I come quickly, and My Reward is with Me to give EVERY man, according as his work shall be" (Rev.22:12). If Jesus "Rewards Every man" when He "Comes Quickly," can He come back 7 years later and reward more people? Does "EVERY" mean Every? All Pre-Tribbers declare that when Jesus said, "Behold I come Quickly," He was referring to a Rapture that they say happens 7 years BEFORE His Second Coming. If Pre-Trib is correct, can Jesus make such a proclamation before He comes? If there'll be a 7 Year Tribulation during which time an "Un-Numbered Multitude" of Gentiles who were "unjust and filthy" at the Rapture, but will change to "Righteous" during the Tribulation, and if there'll be at least 144 Thousand Jews that were un-saved, non-believers at the Rapture, but who'll change into the world's best Evangelists during a 7-Year Tribulation, can Jesus make His Proclamation? A Question worth Pondering!!

"Third Chance?"
Promoting a "Second Chance," for salvation after Jesus comes to take His people to Heaven has caused Pre-Trib promoters some difficulty, but it gets worse for a certain segment of Pre-Tribbers. Believe it or not, some Pre-Trib Promoters try to advance the idea that there'll be some who are "Left Behind," that will enter a Millennial Kingdom here on earth even though they are unconverted, wicked sinners. For more on this, see "Pre-Trib's Third Chance Theory."  

When Jesus comes to take His People to the, "Mansions He has Prepared for them," would we be safe to say it is all done; finished? We suggest that every person that has chosen to be in God's Kingdom will be forever saved, and every person that has chosen to reject Christ's Salvation will be forever lost. Does it not appear that Jesus said this is the way it will be?  Let's pray for God to send His Spirit to help us prepare for Christ's Second Coming!

Thank You SO much, Dear Pastor, for your time and interest.
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Walter C. Martin Jr.


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